GSTN Advisory

Sr.No. Advisory Date Advisory Category Advisory Document
1 14/11/2023 Returns ITC Reversal on Account of Rule 37(A)
2 14/11/2023 Returns Advisory for Online Compliance Pertaining to ITC mismatch -GST DRC-01C
3 10/11/2023 Appeal Advisory for the procedures and provisions related to the amnesty for taxpayers who missed the appeal filing deadline for the orders passed on or before March 31, 2023
4 04/11/2023 Registration Advisory for Pilot Project of Biometric-Based Aadhaar Authentication and Document Verification for GST Registration Applicants of Gujarat and Puducherry
5 27/10/2023 Returns Advisory related to changes in GSTR-5A
6 17/10/2023 Registration Advisory: Person supplying of Online Money Gaming services or OIDAR or Both– Form GST REG-10 and Form GSTR-5A
7 12/10/2023 Registration Facility for the e- commerce operators through whom unregistered suppliers of goods can supply goods
8 12/10/2023 Registration Facility of enrolment for supply of goods through e-commerce operators by GST un-registered suppliers.
9 03/10/2023 E-Invoice Advisory: e-Invoice JSON download functionality Live on the GST e-Invoice Portal
10 27/09/2023 E-Invoice Advisory: Temporary /Short Period Pause in e-Invoice Auto Population into GSTR-1
11 19/09/2023 Registration Advisory: Geocoding Functionality for the Additional Place of Business
12 13/09/2023 E-Invoice Advisory: Time limit for Reporting Invoices on the IRP Portal
13 31/08/2023 Returns Introducing Electronic Credit Reversal and Reclaimed statement
14 28/08/2023 Registration Advisory for applicants where GST Registration application marked for Biometric-based Aadhaar Authentication
16 02/08/2023 E-Invoice Advisory on E-Invoice - Services Offered by the Four New IRPs
17 24/07/2023 E-Invoice Advisory: e-Invoice Exemption Declaration Functionality Now Available
18 07/07/2023 Registration Important Update: Geocoding Functionality Now Live for All States and Union Territories
19 29/06/2023 Returns Advisory: Online Compliance Pertaining to Liability / Difference Appearing in R1 – R3B (DRC-01B)
20 16/06/2023 E-Invoice Advisory: Update on Enablement Status for Taxpayers for e-Invoicing
21 08/06/2023 E-Invoice E-Invoice Verifier App by GSTN - Advisory
22 30/05/2023 Payment Advisory on Filing of Declaration In Annexure V by Goods Transport Agency (GTA) opting to pay tax under forward charge mechanism
23 28/05/2023 Returns Advisory on due date extension of GST Returns for the state of Manipur
24 25/05/2023 E-Invoice Webinar on ‘New e-Invoice FO portal
25 06/05/2023 E-Invoice Advisory: Deferment of Implementation of Time Limit on Reporting Old e-Invoices
26 04/05/2023 Returns Advisory for Timely Filing of GST Returns
27 28/04/2023 Others New facility to verify document Reference Number (RFN) mentioned on offline communications issued by State GST authorities
28 24/04/2023 Registration Advisory on Bank Account Validation
29 13/04/2023 E-Invoice Updated Advisory: Time limit for Reporting Invoices on the IRP Portal
30 12/04/2023 E-Invoice Advisory: Time limit for Reporting Invoices on the IRP Portal